Workforce development programs prepare young people for meaningful work opportunities through access to quality vocational, technical and higher education, coaching programs, and more. Under this Learning Series theme, topics include design approaches for linking workforce programs to secondary education and building industry engagement in higher education.


Online Learning Modules

These courses provide a 60-minute, self-paced, online learning experience that covers foundational information in youth workforce development (YWFD) and higher education. Each module covers key facts and statistics about each technical area, terms and definitions, relevant excerpts from the 2018 USAID Education Policy, specific program examples and lessons learned, foundational research and guidance documents, and additional resources for further learning.

Youth Workforce Development

This learning module covers the key elements of YWFD, YWFD funding parameters, types of youth workforce interventions, YWFD indicators, and the USAID YWFD learning agenda.

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Higher Education

This learning module covers how investing in higher education programming can be transformational, key elements of USAID Higher Education programming, milestones and lessons, cross-cutting considerations, and higher education reporting indicators.

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Workforce Outcomes Reporting Questionnaire (WORQ) Toolkit

The Office of Education’s youth workforce development programming aims to improve participants’ employment outcomes. The toolkit provides guidance on adapting, implementing, and analyzing its Workforce Outcomes Reporting Questionnaire (WORQ) package of tools in order to report on participants’ employment and earnings outcomes.

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