Through the Young Women Transform Prize, USAID and its private sector partners, Standard Chartered and Volvo, support youth in developing countries to develop their own solutions to advance the economic empowerment of young women in their communities.

See evaluations that were conducted in other USAID-sponsored grantee programs under the Young Women Transform Prize effort:

Asante Africa Foundation Evaluation

The Kibera Community Empowerment Organization (KCEO) and Safeplan Uganda (Safeplan) are two recipients of the 2018 Young Women Transform Prize. In July 2019, USAID visited these organizations to learn about their youth-led approaches to increasing women’s employment and captured the lessons learned through a podcast series, videos, and blog posts. 

Young Women Leading Change: Lessons from the Young Women Transform Prize Grants

Lessons from YouthPower Learning Grants about Gender Transformative Positive Youth Development

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Young Women Transform Podcast

Listen to the Young Women Transform podcast to hear more about KCEO and Safeplan's work, youth-led development, young women's employment opportunities, program design, and positive youth development for vulnerable or marginalized populations. View episode transcripts

The Kibera Community Empowerment Organization (KCEO) 

KCEO is a community-based organization in Kibera, Kenya. Using capacity building, resource mobilization, and advocacy, KCEO empowers community members to shape their futures. The Young Women Transform Prize supports KCEO’s youth-led Young Mothers Incubation program, which provides a safe space for young mothers living with disabilities and for those who have been subjected to stigma, discrimination, and sexual abuse.

Watch the overview video below to learn about KCEO. 

Safeplan Uganda

Safeplan Uganda is a female and youth-led organization that offers programs in Nyantonzi, Uganda. Safeplan received the Young Women Transform Prize for Budongo Women Bee Enterprises (BUWOBE), an initiative that addresses young women’s economic needs in the community by providing free training and supplies for environmentally-friendly cooperative bee farming.

Watch the overview video below to learn about Safeplan.