Under the U.S. Government Strategy on International Basic Education, Agencies and Departments are working together to improve learning outcomes and expand access to quality basic education for all, particularly the most marginalized and vulnerable populations.

The map below highlights where the U.S. Government is working, program education levels for each country, and examples of the type of coordination that is currently happening across Agencies.


On the USG Support Overview tab, select a country in the drop-down menu and click on the country on the map to view which agencies are present in that country.

On the Detailed View tab, click on a country and scroll down to find out more about the Agencies present, level of basic education programming, and type of coordination that is occurring. Click on the country again to reset the map.

Use the filters to narrow down your selection by Agency and/or education level. Selecting two agencies will highlight countries where both agencies are supporting Basic Education.

For example, to ask, “Where are both USAID and USDA supporting workforce development?” make the following selections: Under Agencies, check USAID and USDA; In the Type of Support menu, select  Workforce Development.

- Data is current as of FY19 and will be updated once a year in coordination with Congressional reporting. 
- State department information is based on data reported in FY19. If a project works on a given indicator but did not report on that indicator in FY19, it is not included in this map. In cases where informal education services are provided via the State Department but it is not possible to determine its level, it is labeled as “Pre Primary.”