Higher Education

Higher education institutions are a valuable partner in building country-level education capacity in addition to contributing to the evidence base on international basic education.

USAID works in the higher education sector given its unique role to prepare the workforce, raise industry standards, build research and evidence and increase overall GDP to reduce extreme poverty. More prosperous countries with educated populations also make for better trading partners for the U.S.

In partnership with host country and U.S. higher education institutions, USAID develops relevant curricula, evidence-building research agendas, and increased community engagement. Faculty and students contribute to strengthening all sectors of the economy—from agriculture to energy, from business services to technology, and from health to engineering, among others.

USAID Support to Higher Education Map

The interactive map below highlights where USAID is funding higher education activities around the world.


Higher Education Retrospective Timeline

Click below to see USAID's higher education activities by the decades. 

Screenshot of the USAID Higher Education Retrospective Timeline