USAID Global Education Learning Series Education Response to COVID-19

Global Education Learning Series June 29 - July 24

COVID-19 is having a significant impact on education worldwide. The learning opportunities under this theme will focus on how to adapt established education practices, and introduce new ones, to combat the challenges caused by COVID-19. We hosted a panel discussion webinar on distance learning, one on SEL for EiE, and shared two ignite talk videos with a corresponding online discussion.

Ignite Talks with Online Discussion 

Watch 2 ignite videos, online discussion now closed. These ignite talks and subsequent online discussion gave voice to two partners, The LEGO Foundation and Right to Play, that have shifted programming to at-home learning during the pandemic. Through the EducationLinks Discussion Forum LinkedIn group, viewers had the opportunity to pose questions and post comments about the ignite talks and associated resources, and engage in conversation with the presenters and other viewers. We will be holding our next online discussion in August.

Learning Through Play during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Lego Foundation’s Response

In this ignite talk, LEGO Foundation’s Vice President of Global Programmes, Sarah Bouchie, presents how the Foundation has responded and adapted their programming to continue to provide learning through play opportunities. In addition, Bouchie shares key reflections from this experience.
Watch video with ASL interpreter
Presentation slides with script (PDF)

Speaker Bio

Sarah Bouchie is Vice President, Global Programmes at the LEGO Foundation, leading the Foundation’s diverse portfolio of global initiatives that seek to promote learning through play in early childhood and primary school. Prior to the Lego Foundation, Sarah served as Vice President of Program Development at ChildFund International. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Eureka College and a Master’s degree from American University.

Associated Resources

The LEGO Foundation: About Us What do we mean by Learning through Play? - The LEGO Foundation’s COVID-19 Response - Playlist Website - The LEGO Foundation’s Partner Support: Education Cannot Wait - The LEGO Foundation Website

Learning through Play during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Right to Play's Response

This ignite talk by Dr. Katrin Imhof, Chief Program Officer at Right to Play, introduces their phased response to the pandemic and provides practical examples of this response in action, including multiple program examples from Africa and the Middle East. 
Watch Video with ASL interpreter
Presentation slides with script (PDF)

Speaker Bio

Katrin Imhof oversees all of Right To Play’s Country Office Operations and Global Programs. Previously, Katrin worked in Research and with Amnesty International, before holding Management Positions in Education and UNICEF’s Senior Office Leadership in various countries. She holds a Ph.D. in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry from the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zürich.

Associated Resources

Health and Wellbeing Framework

Panel Discussion Webinars

Program Approaches to Social and Emotional Learning for Education in Emergency Response, Recovery, and Rebuilding

Social and emotional learning is one tool education systems have to support learners and educators during emergencies, support recovery, and build resilience. The scale of the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the number of countries responding to and recovering from a crisis.

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Distance Learning as a Tool for System Resilience

This panel discussion webinar explored the lessons learned, opportunities and challenges presented by the shift to distance learning, and identified ways that distance learning modalities can continue to contribute to making educational systems more flexible, adaptable and inclusive of students who may be poorly served by traditional models. Experts from EDC, EdTech Hub, WorldReader and USAID/Egypt shared their insights on how distance learning can strengthen educational outcomes for students across the sector.

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