USAID’s Center for Education (DDI/EDU) uses a strategic approach to learning in order to focus our research, fill gaps in the evidence base, and inform the development of future guidance and tools to support improved education programming. As a starting point to guide the DDI/EDU’s priorities, we are working with key stakeholders to develop learning priorities that span the spectrum of USAID’s education programming.

Each learning agenda was produced in wide consultation with stakeholders inside and outside of USAID. Each agenda also takes into account cross-cutting themes such as gender, disability inclusive education, education finance, cost, and information and communications technology. The questions in each agenda are organized around key themes identified in consultations, which also align with current USAID Education Policy priorities.

Learning Agendas

USAID Education Learning Approach Brief

Youth Workforce Development Learning Agenda  
Knowledge Product Collection

Education in Crisis and Conflict Learning Agenda
Knowledge Product Collection

Foundational Skills Development Learning Agenda
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Higher Education Learning Agenda
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