USAID Higher Education Learning Network

The USAID Higher Education Learning Network (HELN) is a global network that brings together donors, practitioners, government officials, academics, researchers, students, NGOs, and other stakeholders to uncover and improve the ways higher education is uniquely positioned to support sustainable development across sectors.

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As a member of the USAID Higher Education Learning Network (HELN) you can learn about upcoming events, professional development opportunities, and ways you can co-create knowledge and learning products for the global community.  HELN members come from a variety of backgrounds including agriculture, science, health, teacher education, and workforce development, and from a variety of organizations such as universities, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVETs), national and international civil society organizations, and NGOs.  HELN harnesses this vast network of expertise to understand the scope of higher education and its impact.   

Engage with HELN

Join the HELN LinkedIn Group

Our LinkedIn Group is the best way to engage with the network. You can:

  • Meet and network with other professionals interested in higher education
  • Learn about tools, resources, and approaches that can support your work
  • Lead or join working groups on important topics
  • Learn about opportunities for co-creation
  • Get updates on the HELN Steering Group