The Capacity of Non-Governmental (NGO) and Civil Society Organizations (CSO) is Strengthened


Evidence: Evaluation. USAID’s “Meeting learning needs in crisis-affected northeast Nigeria: Education Crisis Response” (2017), illustrates the effectiveness of NGO capacity building and describes the capacity strengthening approach that has been successful in over 40 local NGOs.

Guidance: The “Pact Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) handbook: A practical guide to the OCA tool for practitioners and development professionals” (2017) on local organizational self-assessment, was developed/improved over more than 20 years of extensive field experience and evaluations and has been effective in strengthening local NGOs.

Evidence:  Conceptual Review. “Capacity development at the national level in fragile and conflict-affected states” by Lucas (2014) provides an overview of research on conflict sensitivity, and synthesizes the lessons learned on capacity development and institutional change in support of conflict sensitive education.