The Global Education Learning Series

The USAID 2020 Global Education Learning Series, from June-November, created an ongoing system of learning, built relationships and networks across sectors and countries, and shared collective knowledge, evidence, and experience to better support education as a critical part of a country’s journey to self-reliance.

Throughout the Learning Series, participants had the opportunity to join panel discussion webinars, 'Tea w/ a SME' sessions, the EducationLinks discussion forum, the online learning modules, and more. You can still find the past event recordings, resources, Q&A docs, and more for each theme below.

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Online Learning Modules

These courses provide a 60-minute, self-paced, online learning experience that covers foundational information on the following technical areas:

Education Response to COVID-19

The learning opportunities under this theme focus on how to adapt established education practices, and introduce new ones, to combat the challenges caused by COVID-19. Under this Learning Series theme, topics included Learning through Play as a strategy for distance learning and social and emotional skills in crisis and conflict-affected areas.  

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Promoting Equity and Inclusion

Promoting equity and inclusion in education helps to foster a culture of respect and belonging in schools. By creating an environment where everyone is fair to one another, accepting individual differences becomes the norm. This can result in reduced levels of gender-based violence, crime, bullying, and discrimination. Under this Learning Series theme, topics included disability inclusive education, multi-sectoral approaches to girls retention in school and the Evidence for Gender and Education Resource.

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Private Sector Engagement (PSE)

PSE is a strategic approach to planning and programming through which USAID consults, strategizes, aligns, collaborates, and implements with the private sector for greater scale, sustainability, and effectiveness in achieving development or humanitarian outcomes across all sectors. Under this Learning Series theme, topics included PSE in practice and education finance.

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Youth Workforce Development and Higher Education

Workforce development programs prepare young people for meaningful work opportunities through access to quality vocational, technical and higher education, coaching programs, and more. Under this Learning Series theme, topics included design approaches for linking workforce programs to secondary education and building industry engagement in higher education.

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Reading and Literacy in Primary Education

A solid foundation in reading and literacy, as well as other basic skills, will help prepare individuals to be active, productive members of society and the workforce. Literacy is fundamental to learning, paving the way for education in math and science among other subjects. Under this Learning Series theme, topics included scaling reading programs and lessons learned in managing book supply chains. 

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Closing of the Global Education Learning Series

The Global Education Learning Series closed with, a panel discussion webinar, 'Changing How We Work: Transformation and USAID’s Center for Education.'

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