Education Resources in Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Helping education practitioners keep learners and families safe

USAID is actively assisting countries that are affected by or at risk of the novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19. USAID is working directly with host country governments and through organizations responding on the ground to contain and combat the outbreak.

COVID-19 is having a significant impact on education worldwide. USAID has rapidly mobilized agency-wide to implement a coherent, multi-sector strategy for COVID-19 response. USAID’s Center for Education has organized its own response priorities that align with the agency’s larger goals. The education outcomes include:

  1. All children and youth access quality distance education in foundational skills;
  2. Educators, children and youth access age-appropropriate psychosocial support and protection services, particularly vulnerable and marginalized populations;
  3. Education providers ensure safe and responsible school closures and re-opening; and
  4. Partner governments implement data-driven emergency preparedness and response plans. Given COVID-19’s impact on schools and education, USAID’s Center for Education is continually generating and collating reliable resources and evidence-based guidance to help education practitioners keep learners and families safe during this health crisis.

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Distance Learning

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Psychosocial Support, Safety and Social Emotional Learning


Return to Learning and School Re-opening


Data-Driven Emergency Response Planning


Global Online Library: Classroom-based Interactive Radio and Audio Instruction Files to Support Distance Learning

Use EducationLinks to find files by country and program. Country pages will direct you to file downloads hosted by the Global Digital Library.

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Other notable COVID-19 resource collections and policy responses: